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Blatant propaganda?

Bovine TBPosted by Susan Hooper Thu, June 13, 2013 18:38:20

Our attention was drawn to a posting at dated Friday 07 June, 2013 and headed 'Not cattle ....' It related to a debate on bovine TB that had been held in Cheltenham. Included within the piece was the following statement: 

'But in questions or points from the floor, one speaker announced that in her professional capacity and at the present time, she was treating 8 people in the county of Gloucestershire for Zoonotic tuberculosis - which they had contracted during an up close and personal relationship with the family cat'.

For some reason the author(s) of this site is determined to remain anonymous so we have been unable to make contact with them but we did contact Public Health England and were told by Louise Dirks, the Public Health Practitioner of the Glos, Avon and Wiltshire area that the above statement is, in fact, erroneous. 

In view of the sensitivity of the subject, we wonder why the authors chose to publish such blatant propaganda without first checking for accuracy? It certainly makes us skeptical regarding the credibility of the rest of the information set out on their blog pages.

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