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BCG Cattle Vaccination

Bovine TBPosted by Susan Hooper Thu, October 18, 2012 18:10:31

Bovine TB and Cattle Vaccination


While vaccination is the response to most infectious diseases, with cattle and Bovine TB it is the one weapon in the disease management armoury which has yet to be deployed.


A vaccine against Bovine TB for cattle (along with the associated DIVA test which differentiates between infected and vaccinated animals) has been developed and is ready to licence, but is held up by regulatory and European legal obstacles.   Meanwhile farmers are being misled into believing that cattle vaccination is many years away.

Following a meeting of interested organisations and individuals the following Declaration has been put to Owen Patterson the new DEFRA Minister:


"Now that a cattle vaccine is ready for licensing, we are convinced that the only way to control bovine TB and hence avoid the devastating and costly current Bovine TB policy is to vaccinate all bovine animals and where necessary wildlife.


We therefore call on the Government to take immediate action to eliminate all legal and political obstacles preventing farmers from vaccinating their cattle against Bovine TB.


We represent a cross section of scientists, veterinarians, farmers and conservationists concerned about the impact of bovine TB on the farming industry and countryside."


We await his response with interest.


Yours faithfully


Nigel Finch, farmer, Gloucestershire

Kate McNeil, farmer, Yorkshire

Jean and Keith Morgan, farmers, Carmarthenshire

Steve Jones, farmer, stockman and lecturer on ethical farming, Glos

Peter Pennington Legh, farmer, Wiltshire

Cliff and Maureen Carnell        Farmers, Carmarthenshire

Chris and Mary Wheeler    Farmers, Pembrokeshire

Rebecca Hosking                    Farms for the Future

Dr Mark Jones, vet and Executive Director of Humane Society International

Brian Davies, Founder, Network for Animals

Sally Hall, campainging for the right to vaccinate cattle

Lorraine Platt, Founder, Blue Badger

Dr. Chris Cheeseman, Ecologist

Dr. Gordon McGlone, Chief Executive, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Celia Thomas, Farmer and Chair of Pembrokeshire Against the Cull

Jeff Hayden,  Finance Director for the Badger Trust

Michael Ritchie,  Rethink Bovine TB

Lucy Borde,  Brock Vaccination

Chris Skinner, Norfolk farmer, conservationist and broadcaster

Carole Youngs, Smallholder Series

Wenda Shehata, cattle owners, East Sussex

Jean and Keith Morgan, farmers, Carmarthenshire 

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