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Boxster - the truth behind the bull

Bovine TBPosted by Susan Hooper Sat, June 16, 2012 14:19:19

There are not many cattle owners that dare to challenge Defra over bovine TB testing. This is the story of one very determined family who did fight back. Their story reveals just how badly families and their animals can treated by those whose only concern is to follow policy and procedures, whatever the consequences. All they wanted was for Defra to authorise a retest as the blood test on their pedigree champion bull, Boxster, had not been carried out properly. When Boxster was declared a reactor, they fought hard to get the retest but ended up embroiled in a legal case. 'Boxster's story; the truth behind the bull' tells of the hard and costly battle and its effects on the family. It reveals blunders, coverups and lies. Even when they won their case the family continued to be intimidated and the legal fees they were awarded ended up being significantly reduced. The treatment the family and their animals received at the hands of officials will be familiar to many who have to endure continuous bTB testing. Few dare complain as they did.  

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