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How are camelids implicated?

Bovine TBPosted by Susan Hooper Sun, April 29, 2012 13:38:34
How are camelids implicated? No-one knows. However, with the recent news of around 400 alpacas slaughtered on a farm in Sussex, after testing positive for tuberculosis, maybe it is time for more research to be done into this species? Here is an increasing species that is relatively new to the UK. It has not built up resistance to the strains of Mycobacteria that cause bTB in this country (we understand that it has good resistance to the disease in its native land). It is believed that bTb may be a bigger problem in camelid herds in the UK than officially reported.  Despite it being an animal that is spread over much of the UK and moved around to sales, shows and other areas where contact with cattle and other species will occur, there are no compulsory, routine testing, movement restrictions or recording needed. There is an additional problem as it would seem that the skin test is even more unreliable in this species than it is for cattle, with rates as low as 5% being quoted. 

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