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Divisions in the Tory party

Bovine TBPosted by Susan Hooper Thu, April 12, 2012 09:39:34

The badger continues to dominate the bTB debate. A somewhat surprising turn of events came with the publishing of the paper by the influential Bow Group, a Tory think tank. It followed hot on the heels of the Welsh decision to vaccinate badgers The Bow Group says the government's planned cull of badgers is impractical and should be scrapped in favour of vaccination. It exposes, for the first time, divisions in the Tory party over the nocturnal shooting of badgers in the two trial areas and concludes that the scientific evidence favours vaccination over a cull.  "The government is opting for a remedy that is both deeply unpopular, and which stands a very good chance of making the problem worse," said Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith.

The Bow Group joins a growing band in favour of vaccinating rather than culling badgers.

We hope common sense will now prevail and steps will be taken to speed up a vaccination programme for cattle.

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